w/ maxwell 1.7 anytime I try to load a file that is larger than 512 pixels I have to wait (an exponent) of tiem based on how much larger than 512 it is ie: 2048 pixel image takes about 15sec to load and a 4k image takes 30secs to load.

This slow down is experienced whenever I laod the file in to the material window file loader (texture file preview window) , whenever I truy to render a preview of my shader in either maxwell studio or MXED, and when ever I try to do a real render- the maxwel engine freezes for 15-30sec PER FILE used (that means if i have 4 4 k images in my scene than i wat about 2 mins!!!) it freezes in the stage that saya -Loading Bitmaps and preprocessing (BEFORE it voxelizes)

I run a Dell Quad core Xeon 3.ghz computer windows xp 64bit w/ 16 gigs of ram and 2 Nvideia Quadro FX video cards and a 10000rpm sata drive I DONT think its my hardware being old or slow...

FURTHER experimentation with 4k files reviews that If I try to load a 4 k file on my old single core intel 3ghz windows xp 32bit computer w/ 4 gigs or ram and an old nvidia quadro fx 750 card that Maxwell is almost instintanious (about 2secs) in loading the 4 k image (s) (ive tried testign may 4 k images.. BUT ALL in JPG format)

so a 5 year old pentium 32bit comupter LOADS 4 k files Faster than my brand new dell quadcore 64 bit machine w mawell 1.7 64 bit..

also I installed a 32 bit versiono of maxwel 1.7 On my 64 bit machine and it still took long to load but it didnt seem AS long. .that 15secs it took a 2k image to load or get preprocessed in 64bit version only took 10secs w the 32 bit version of maxwell 1.7... but again the 32bit version of maxwel 1.7 running on a 32bit windows xp only took less then 2 full seconds.

Next i gues i shoudl test what otehr 4 k image formats perform at on maxwel 1.7 64bit.. since i only have used and tested JPG format

could the long time delay be the jpg uncompressing.. ? maybe ther is somethign in the maxwell engin that takes long code on 64bit version on 64bit os to do this... I will test 4 k png firl and 4 k tiff file and let you know

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By 3dtrialpractice
tested 4 k png and a 4 k tiff

turns out that he JPG format is the culpret ON MY 64bit windows Xp runnign maxwell 1.7 64bit.

a 4k jpg file is about 4 megs big and takes about 30sec for maxwell to load
a 4k png file is 14 megs and takes only about 3-4secs for maxwell to load
a 4k tif file is 46 megs big and loads instantaniously(under1sec)w maxwell

so it seems that jpgs are bad for maxwell 64 bit on windows 64 bit ( on my computer only? or others have jpg slowness problem but use png instead)

I guess the deal its how long it takes maxwell to uncompress a jpg file..

THE ONLY THING THAT IS SOO STRANG: why does a 4k JPG load quickly (in about 2 secs0 on my old windows xp 32bit running maxwell 1.7 32bit)

is 32bit better at uncompressing jpg files?
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