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By KurtS
this one looks familiar:


don't blame me if it loads very slowly - blame the guy that posted it here
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By tom
It's great sometimes some people can't hide their limits of creativity and credibility. The more clones/copies I see, the more I respect Thomas' genius.
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By Hervé
Hats off Thomas ! 8) Only Great Artists are copied.. 8)
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By ivox3
Definitely, ... that little thing touched the entire CG world in one way or another. Amazing really....

;) Thomas
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By KurtS
Einstein wrote: The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
Yes, he told me that to.
By messire
if the mental ray stuff is true its crazy to see things so clearly ripped off...anyway my question is:
- i would like to add the standard scene in my mxm material as a test scene, but there seems to be missing files when i load it ( mxi etc..)
I know its not its primary purpose, but what settings shall i use to make it useable in the mxm material editor (where to put files etc..)


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By Tim Ellis
Has the displacement variant had much discussion? Is there likely to be one created?

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By Thomas An.
Kurts: Thanks for letting me know. If that person is who I think it is ... he was already contacted and complied ... (he had started a materials database page using the design and later took it offline) so it is cool.

Tom, Herve, Chris, Bubbaloo, Kurts, messire: Thank you for the support !!

Tim: Generally, I would be against the idea of "variants" ... what I am thinking is maybe have the same scene (same exact design) but in different scales. So maybe provide a second scene where the object is as large as a monument/building and it is lit by sky (?) ... (should we use sky ? ... or keep it neutral lighting ? ... possibly a neutral skydome color ?)

Now if you want to still have completely separate scenes for displacement (or SSS ... although the SSS bars were designed to test translucent materials) ... then feel free to come up with something and if it is nice enough and widely accepted, then maybe NL will adapt it for those purposes ... (?)
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By 3dtrialpractice
Thomas you did an AMAZING job withthat material preview scen . .i remeber when i FIRST saw it my jaw droped and I a light went off I said BINGO!.. it was waht I had always tried to get in a material test object .. a bit of (almst expet for crazy displcment)every kind of situation a shader could encounter! and still today I amamazed at the simplicity and power of your design!
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By Thomas An.
Thanks for the comments 3dtrial !

Now on a side note ... it has been about two years:
... or if you wish to suggest new prototypes for consideration ...
... do you guys think we should keep this design for 2.0 and beyond ? ... or anyone willing for a fresh start ? (many artists and product designers here :) )
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By Maximus3D
Maybe you should create the updated version Thomas, this object is your baby and you should take care of her. :) i'm sure you know what needs to be adapted and upgraded on it so it will work well with the current and future stuff Maxwell supports/will support.

Btw, i ran across this alarmclock which has some similarities with the MXM object :)
http://www.slashgear.com/space-invaders ... e-1519330/


/ Max
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By tom
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