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By wagurto
Hey Max how are you? since your displace materials are not longer on the mxm library is there any other place where we can find them? I would like to have your high res grass material.
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By Maximus3D
Hi Wagurto

Sorry about that, i think this is the one you're looking for.

Btw, there's a good grass already on the MXM Gallery. This one called fresh grass.
http://mxmgallery.maxwellrender.com/dow ... hp?id=3332

/ Max
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By frosty_ramen
How about some wood veneer


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By Maximus3D
Are all these requests posted here filled ? or are you guys still in need of them ?

/ Max
By mmphoto
I could use some styrofoam. I downloaded one off the MXM site and it only came with lo res image files.
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By Maximus3D
Here's a first test i made of styrofoam, maps are 2048 pix tiled quite a lot.. i'll be running a couple of more tests until i can make a good looking shader.

Click on the imagelink below to view it fullres.

One last thing.. i see it's your first post here so welcome to the forum mmphoto. :)

/ Max
By mmphoto
Thank you for the welcome and that is beautiful! I am a photographer trying to get the hang of Maxwell and not having much luck in the way of making my shaders just yet.
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By Maximus3D
Anytime and thank you for your kind comment on my creation :) a photographer, then you picked the right tool for the job. Give it time and patience and you will eventually master shader creation and rendering with it.

I got one last version for tonight, things adjusted in this version are the colorcast (blue and grey tones) and the tiling and displacement and a few other small things.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the fullres picture.

If you would like to play with these shaders i can package them tomorrow and repost them here.

/ Max
By mmphoto
Yeah so far this is the best rendering program I have used to date. Much more intuitive with my photo background.

It looks awesome and I would really appreciate it if you could package them up and repost them, thanks.
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By Maximus3D
mmphoto: That's good you consider Maxwell the best tool for your work :) and as you know if you get stuck with it after you read through the manual and tested everything you can think of you can always ask us on the forum, someone will help.

A promise is a promise, i intend to keep mine so i will share these shaders here below :) hope they help you get started and that you find them useful.

Bubba: There's no SSS in this material, i don't think that feature works very well as it introduces lots of noise and requires 2-4 times longer to render clear than a normal material without it does. So i skipped it and went for a homebrewed solution without SSS instead :) ..and thanks Bubba! i'm glad to hear you also like this one.

About this styrofoam material package, it has only been tested on Maxwell's materialball so i cannot say for sure how well it will work on any other objects as i had no time to test it on any other objects but i guess it should work fine. Keep the scale of your objects in mind and also the tiling of the material in mind when you use this, it's important for a correct look. That's also why i included 3 different versions of this material, two with more tiling and one with less tiling, they differ somewhat in their setup, some are darker than others which are brighter and so on..

Preview renderings click on the thumbnails to view them fullres

Download the styrofoam materialpackage here..

This was my reference when creating this..
http://www.newscientist.com/blog/invent ... 753728.jpg

/ Max
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By Hervé
Thanks a lot Max !.. I will use the styrofoam soon... 8) :wink:
By mmphoto
Maxmimus3D, thank you so much! It looks great, hopefully I will be able to share the scene I am working on soon. The forums are invaluable, when I first got Maxwell a few weeks ago I read through almost every thread on here.
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By KurtS
nice work, Max!

mmphoto wrote:when I first got Maxwell a few weeks ago I read through almost every thread on here.
thats a lot of reading...! :roll:

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