By mtbaum
I've been exporting from FormZ 6.5.5 to mxs using a scene scale of .01

Since I'm not using metric I need to export using .0254 as I understand it. When I do this, however, once in maxwell studio any attempt to save or render the mxs file causes the application to vanish from the screen (if trying to render) or locks up giving me a solid green(or other color) screen (if attempting to save file). This never happened previously so I'm assuming it has to do with the scene scale.

Right now I'm going to try and export with a scale of 1.0 from formZ and scale the scene in maxwell studio (1.6.1) to .0254.

The problem I'm having is that the lighting doesn't seem to be accurate - my assumption is that the scene scale is affecting that.

Is this simply a bug with the scene scale? Any work around?
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By Mihai
I don't know about the crash, but you can easily check the scale in Studio using the grid. You can change the grid settings in prefs to suit your needs, ie make each grid line 1m and show 30 lines etc....
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By Fernando Tella
If it works the same as in max plugin, you should only touch scene scale if your model is out of scale; the plugin will translate to meters when exporting.
By flower
Hi there,

I've had the colour screen crashes too, as well as total freeze ups that need a crash reboot. Always to do with an mxs that has come from FZ and I am working in Studio, then go to save the first time. Not sure what causes it but definitely nothing to do with scene scale. Colour screen crashes come out of the blue, perhaps sometimes when saving, the freeze ups when saving.

I have taken to saving each layer out individually to mxs, then opening the first mxs in studio and importing the others one by one, saving each time. I dont usually apply materials in FormZ, but do try to make sure that the maxwell attributes are activated. I do all my texturing lighting in studio.

This has been happing on my new 2.8 Mac Octo. Its not a Ram issue as happens with quite small files, but always with multiple layers. Looking on the Mac forums there might be a possibility that it has to do with the ATI HD2600 graphics card that comes as standard, but I'm not sure, as saving layer by layer always works.

Saving out from FZ: - it doesnt seem to matter if one is modelling in m or mm, as long as its full size, leave scene scale at 1 and it seems to come in at the right size.

Also had weird behaviour with instances if I ungroup and regroup differently when in studio, things move around unexpectantly.

Sorry for the long answer, that doesn't help much.

Edit: got the wrong graphics card, correct one showing now.
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