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By marcotronic

I just wanted to know if anybody has already managed to export a decent displacement map out of ZBrush and used it in Maya with Maxwell sucessfully?

I´m used to working with ZBrush displacements and Mental Ray in Maya and I´m able to export very nice displacement maps (32-Bit depth) out of ZBrush 3.1 (Displacment Exporter 3) and I render them in Maya with Mental Ray.

The problem with Maxwell is when I export 16 Bit grayscale maps the depth/resolution doesn´t seem to be high enough for a map with lots of fine details and Maya seems to deny 32 Bit maps as tiff files (when I work with Mental Ray I convert the 32 Bit tiff files to native Mental Ray "map" files before using them in Maya, which works perfectly. I tried to re-save those 32 Bit tiffs in Photoshop but it didn´t help.

I tried different settings in the Displacement tab for Maxwell (adaptive checked on/off, played with the height/precision/smooting settings...

So if anybody could describe his/her workflow for ZBrush->Maya->Maxwell displacements that would be cool :) (which Quickcode in Displacement Exporter do you use e.g.?) Is there a way to actually use 32 Bit maps with Maxwell in Maya (any methods to convert the tiff to a maxwell "native" file format?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,
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By Fernando Tella
Maxwell plug-in should be able to deal with the displacement part and Maya with the basic mesh, I guess. But I'm not a Maya user.
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By Mihai
Could you post an image of what kind of render you get? Perhaps it's not about the map depth.
By Jorge Alix
I am doing some tests, but still dont get good results to show.
By jfrancis
I'm interested in following this, too

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