By WillMartin

I think you all in M~R development land know about this general request, but my project partner wanted me to give a nudge here as he (and I!) just love the look of Maxwell, wish to use it for our project, but we worry that we might be forced to do the rendering with LW's native engine...

Basically, we have an animated scene in LW 8.5 that needs to be rendered with mo-blur. My "Export MXS" tests give me crispness, no blur, which is no big surprise since the box in the plug-in is grayed out. But here is what my project director said in recent e-mails:
I see what you mean now by the quality of Maxwell.
Let's hope it can be sorted cuz its an amazing renderer.
Is there any word on Maxwell? The motion blur on the native Lightwave render was pretty bad.
Thanks for listening!


P.S. - Is there perhaps a workaround that I don't know about?

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