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By Mihai
This looks to be a question of how the camera view looks in Studio, it looks like you don't see the whole frame in the viewport? Try resizing the viewport so you see the yellow frame of the camera.
By sandykoufax
Thank for the reply, Mihai.

but I don't think so.

as you can see, the position of the pillar in the RED Rectangle is the same between two screenshots.

but only background images are different. :?
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By Mihai
But the whole render is zoomed in, that's why it appears the background doesn't match the viewport. Look at the rest of the render, it doesn't correspond at all with the viewport. Try changing the viewport, so you see the top/bottom camera frames instead, see what happens.
By sandykoufax

The green rectangle is the render area(sorry not delicate :P ).

The man is the right side of the pillar in the red rectangle mark.


He is the left side of the pillar in the red rectangle.

My question is that why he moved position.

I changed viewport to 2d or other camera and back to the camera view.

but nothing changed.
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By Mihai
And the background image is screenmapped? It looks like an inconsistency between the viewport zoom of the screenmapped image and the render...

Would it be possible to send me the scene of just that camera and the background? You can delete everything else.
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By Ernesto
I cannot believe that much discussion on an obvious fact.
If I do not know about the matter, I will never fill the forum with writing that cannot help!
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