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By Petero
Hi ,
I am using Version 2.7. I want to know how or If I can uuse Maxwell grass to grow between pavingstones.
the pavers are in their own layer with a displacement map.
I watched the short film on how to use maxwell Grass ( )
but it only shows how to apply grass to a full piece of geometry everywhere.

can I get Maxwell Grass to grow selectively in the joints of my pavers?


thank you,

Yes, by using a grass density map. It's explained in the same docs page you linked to:

Density map
Specify a greyscale map to control where the grass will grow. Fully white areas will have the maximum number of blades you specify in the Density parameter. Fully black areas will have no blades.
This is not a material feature though, it's a grass extension feature. You apply this greyscale "density map" bitmap in the UI of the grass extension, not in any material. In your case you will probably simply reuse one of the layer opacity maps you're already using in the material applied to the pavement object, so it's easy :)
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