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By lebulb
I did a lot of testing, but it does not work. (Maxwell 2.7.2 and Zbrush 4R6 P2)

The settings are the same for Maxwell V2 and V3?

I read this V3 topic and this V2 topic and i use the JDHill settings,
but the result is weird : (3D Rel.Tan. 0-black / Scale 1)


When I disable vd Tangent I have the same kind of results (y deformation inverted).
Any idea?

By Polyxo
You will need Maxwell V3 for correct Vector Displacement from Zbrush.
It comes not only with optimized settings but also with quad-based displacement
which works greatly better for VD than V2's triangle based solution. In V3 one even
has presets for several digital sculpting apps.

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By lebulb
Thanks a lot Polyxo.
V3 its not for me now :? but it will :)

I wonder though how JDHill made ​​its export in this case.
Is to test at the moment so it is not essential.

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