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By Mihai
I´ve opened the manager and monitor and started the batch option. when I proceeded it told me no nodes have been found. Wich is pretty weird, since maxwell render and studio recognized my license.
But, have you also started a Node on this computer? It seems you've only started the Manager and Monitor but not also a node. ... +Rendering
The Network System (mxnetwork.exe or in Mac or mxnetwork in Linux) is composed of three components:

The Manager: it is the server computer that distributes the jobs between the available render nodes. It also merges the images in a cooperative render.
The Monitor: interface where you add jobs, assign jobs to nodes, stop a network render, display info about the current job and show a merged preview of a network render in progress.
The Render Nodes: the slave computers that actually render the frames.

You can choose to start the Manager, the Monitor or a Render Node on a computer by clicking on the appropriate shortcut (mx_manager, mx_node, mx_monitor). Please note that a computer that runs the Manager and/or the Monitor can also be used as a Render Node at the same time. ... ork+render
Step 1
Check that all computers are properly connected in your network

Make sure all your computers are properly connected to the network, and check the read/ write permissions on each machine, for example by checking that the currently logged-in user can write a file in the folder you intend to specify as the output folder for network rendering. Make sure there are no firewall restrictions on the machines prior to initializing the Maxwell Render network.

Step 2
Launch Manager and the Nodes

Launch the Manager.exe on the computer that is going to run as Maxwell Manager, and launch Maxwell Render Node in the computers that are going to work as nodes. You can also run a node on the computer that is running the Manager. It can manage the network rendering and also contribute to the rendering process. Only one Manager is allowed to run simultaneously on the network.

Step 3
Launch Monitor

Launch the Monitor on the computer where you want to control (launch/ display/ stop) the rendering process. The Monitor will automatically connect to the network to search for the Manager and the available Nodes. They will be listed in the Nodes panel. The Monitor can run on the same computer that is running the Manager. Check in the Monitor>Nodes panel that all your computer nodes are listed there. If some of them are not listed, check the firewall settings on that computer and make sure it is not being blocked.
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