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Hello there,

Vectorworks becomes slowly more and more advanced in 3d modelling.
Does anybody know if there is a plugin planned?
Or can anybody recommend a workflow?

Kind regards
umdrehung wrote:Archicad is also part of Nemetschek and there ist a plugin...

I was wondering: who 'makes' the plugin usually?
Is it the software company that launches the cad package or is it Nextlimit?
the thing is that Vectorworks supports cinema4D since ages, integrating it more and more. parts of the cinema engine are integrated i Vectorworks by now and they are working great together (at least Vectorworks 2013 or even before - exporting .mc4d that can be imported in Cinema) and the support for Cinema4D by Maxwell works since the alpha version of Maxwell. so I guess there will be no separate Maxwell plugin for VW.

In case you need some cinema support - feel free to join (größte deutsche cinema community) or contact me...

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