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This is a simple material question:
Can I have a material with an emitter that simultaneously emits light but is completely invisible and appears to be a AGS glass?
All this in one material... this way I could avoid having two objects for a piece of visible glass that emits light?
A unique object that emits light but looks like a transparent glass is strange but could be very handy...
And what about the new single sided material in v3?
Flood lightning for windows in interior scenes...
In architectural terms a glass for a windows exists for light purposes, to permit sun rays to enter the area. So it makes perfect sense that they could be also emitters but keeping they're glass look (reflections, caustics, etc.)
This way you could more easily control the light that gets in speeding render with same quality...
Just make a big strip a bit taller than the windows, and make it span all the row of windows of a room. Add an emitter material to that. It will render fast, since you are not introducing Physical Sky or Skydome, mixed with other interior emitters. If you keep all lighting emitter based, it will render the fastest. It's when you mix Physical Sky and emitters for an interior that things slow down. You can see it if you turn on ML and solo the Physical Sky. It will show the most noise. While if you solo the emitters they will show the least noise. Just as this tutorial demonstrates: ... or+renders
Good I got your attention Mihai ;)
My original idea was to do nothing more and just use a material that could do that, invisible emitter and AGS or glass properties like reflections, etc. Not Possible?
Second Idea was to use the exported window glass object (has thickness) and on one side a emitter material and on the opposite side a glass material. Combined they would be perfect
Third idea has to do with v3 new feature that ables to have a plane with one material on one side and another one on the opposite side...
Nowadays I model a plane where there is a window hole and apply a emitter material that hides geometry. For the window glass I use AGS or low graded glass... But if I have 200 windows it is a lot of work!
My original idea was to do nothing more and just use a material that could do that, invisible emitter and AGS or glass properties like reflections, etc. Not Possible?
I don't think it's possible. For an invisible emitter you have to hide it from camera and reflections but you would also be hiding the glass.

Maybe you can tweak something in Revit to avoid that family of objects being quantified.
joaomourao wrote:BIM users always try to stay on the authoring tool (ArchiCAD, Revit) and always avoid to duplicate objects as I mentioned...
In these softwares a window and all its components is a single object. Weird results happen when you have coplanar faces with different materials :(
archicad can export separated objects by materials . or maxwell plugin for archicad don't allow that ?
Tella, not possible at all? This would be a major tweak for the most difficult scenes, interior ones! :(
Seghier, exactly but you miss the reflections... are your glass clones exactly on the same place of the original ones?
Cloning is not an option for us and we are aiming to do all this within ArchiCAD plugin, without studio...
The material that I mentioned, would resolve everything... :)
Doesn't it make sense that an architectural glass (AGS for to say) for windows should have the possibility to be an invisible emitter?
Think about it, we use glass because of surrounding views and natural lightning! A material that could do that would be perfect!
Meanwhile I will have to model a simple plane (I prefer this than cloning) on every window hole just like Mihai showed on his post...
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objects cloned in studio in the same place but the problem in the thikness of glass
in rhino for example we can duplicate object or blender but in archicad i don't know . try with layers
i see in the video presented by mihai that we can turn one side of material invisible
i don't know if when apply glass to a side and emitter to the other side and hide it . that work ?
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