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By Tok_Tok

At work we bought a new workstation, mostly for rendering with Maxwell and modeling with solidworks. But when I start a Maxwell render, solidworks becomes unworkable slow. This is the first time I come across this problem because normally Maxwell is always working in the background. The priority is set to lowest, in the Task manager as well as in Studio.

Can somebody please help me because I can't work like this.. :x
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By polynurb
Windows i guess?
I remember a thread by kami in this forum who had the same problem.

Is it dual cpu?

I hint at bios/winupdate concerning thread & power management
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By polynurb
No problem.

Btw. You might want to see, for debugging purposes, if eg. Turning off hyperthreading or certain cpu power management (turbo,speedstep,etv.) makes any difference.

You get this with other applications running 100% cpu too?
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By Tok_Tok
I've updated the motherboard and tried of turning hyperthreading off helps but no, unfortunately not.

I tried a cpu burn test and got the same effect but now even wors, solidworks couldn't even maximize.

Does this give you a better idea of whats going on?

Now that I think of it, the burn test had the same priority as solidworks. I can't set the priority lower in the task manager so I will try another test later.
Another thing I noticed is that when I use Photoview in solidworks viewport it does seem to get priority over Maxwell...
By kami
What kind of motherboard do you have?

I think in my case in the old thread, the motherboard change did the trick ... But this is really a hard step and not sure it would solve it :(
Luckily I've never come across any similar problem since and I've ordered also a few 4770K since then as well.
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By Tok_Tok
Sorry for the late response. Changing parts will most likely solve the problem but I don't think my boss isn't eager to send the PC back. We now use the "Set affinity.." trick in the Task Manager. It isn't ideal but solves the problem while working.

If it's necessary we'll do a bios update, but try to avoid it.

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