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I'm not sure if I should post this in the solidworks section or here. It's mostly about studio so I'll post it here.

I currently working on a simple model of bowl with a lid in solidworks. I assign two textured materials to the lid with each different UV maps. When I try rendering it in FIRE only one texture renders, the other faces have the settings of the other assigned material but the textures are all gone. When I export the scene to studio I have to same problem, I can change materials on the faces but no materials with textures will render. Materials like chrome or ceramic (with no textures in them) render fine.

I managed to get it working once with a different material but that texture got stuck on the object and I couldn't change it anymore. Studio has multiple Triangle Groups on the object but only one UV set, is this correct? Someone has this same problem?
When I assign textures to different UV sets or to a whole object, often the viewport stops updating the texture coordinates.. in FIRE there's also no change. Another thing that's buggy is selecting different triangle groups, often I want to select multiple groups to assings materials but I just can't select them..

I have worked with studio a couple of times and never had these problems. In those times the models were always exported from 3ds max, but now with models exported from solidworks I get all kinds of bugs.

Is this known or is there a solution?

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