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By kami

I got the following error, when I render via the network:

It works fine when I render locally and as far as I know there are no missing textures.
In Rhino, I did the "GatherAllFilesAndMakePathRelative", but that did not help.
Any idea what could be causing this, as I am already searching for some hours for the problem. I have no idea what that texture is and where it is used.

By JDHill
That path is from a Rhino material that is being auto-converted during export, which references a proxy image that was created to stand in for an image format that could not be shown natively by Rhino in its viewport. That GatherAllFilesAndMakePathRelative (which you should prefer to avoid, and which will be removed in the future) command will not affect this, since it applies only to paths referenced by Maxwell items -- however, it will be found if you use Pack & Go instead, since in that case, it is the finished MXS that is processed, just prior to its being written to disk.
By kami
Thanks a lot. That makes sense! Is there an easy way to find what is causing this? I have a lot of objects and blocks in the scene.
My guess would be that it is a picture frame. If it is hidden, then it shouldn't cause any problems, right?
By JDHill
If you set the current renderer to Rhino, in order to open the Rhino material editor (otherwise it won't open), then switch the left-hand panel to use the "Tree" view, you should find that, below each material, it shows the names of textures used by that material. Regarding hiding, in the Rhino plugin, if geometry that uses a Rhino material is hidden, then the material will not be exported.
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