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By JDHill
I don't know what all is used by the application, but I see there are layout-related files both in my /Applications/Maxwell 2 folder, and in my ~/Maxwell folder. There are also some com.nextlimit plist files in ~/Library/Preferences.
By pipcleo
If this problem isnt resolved by a re-install , there are obviously files hanging around somewhere that need deleting.
There is no un-install with Maxwell (or is there ?) so a list of all files and locations that need cleaning would be great.
By JDHill
pipcleo wrote:If someone could chime in with info on which of these can and should be deleted ?
You don't have to delete anything to find out, just temporarily move files to some other folder. It can be reasoned that everything outside of /Applications/Maxwell 2 is created dynamically, since installation consists of dragging the Maxwell 2 folder from the DMG into /Applications. So if you move all the files, delete Maxwell 2 from /Applications, and reinstall (it may be necessary to empty the trash and reboot), that should be the same as installing on a machine that's never seen Maxwell at all, assuming there aren't also other files somewhere else.
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