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By Ernesto
This is an old bug found a month ago, but it was not a constant Bug, and the circumstances that determines it were not clearly understood. Sometimes it happened and some other times it worked ok.
Only recently I could find the special circumstances under which the RESUME option DO NOT launch, with the consequent overwriting of all the files.

Here it is explained when this option gets dissabled.
Usually in network rendering if the systems detects existing image files, it asks the user if a RESUME is intended or not.
This automatic option works ONLY if the default folder is choosen for output.
If you choose a special folder for the output images, The network rendering System is incapable to detect that there are MXI and other images in the specified folder, and proceeds to OVERWRITE them all.
When the default folder is choosen, the system can detect previous image files and the RESUME option is launched, letting you to increas the SL of the jobs.

(note: all the tests were done in Batch option)

Another minor problem:
It is possible to edit jobs in the Network Monitor by selecting them and choosing the option edit.
Then you could change the final SL.
It is possible to select several jobs, to be edited. the edition windows opens normally in such a case, but the changes are not done in all selected jobs but only in the first.
It would be much practicall if those changed would be done in ALL selected files.


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