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By AndreD
Fernando Tella wrote:If I'm not wrong you can use it with GPU. I've seen some pretty fast examples with modest hardware but I have to see yet a well done speed test between Maxwell and Cycles.
sss doas'nt work on gpu, displacement too..
there will be no sss gpu rendering for the next time, imho

What I really would like to see is something like this from nl for mw:
8) :wink:
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By Asmithey
Nice aerial.

I have been learning Cycles. I did a 1000 frame arch animation with Cycles, first one in the 7 years of doing arch renderings. It was ok. I used a render farm called Render Street. Rendered the 1000 frames in about one hour and was $260.00. I mean I thought it was ok, but still room for much improvement. The clients loved it though.
By l1407
Asmithey wrote:Render Farms. That's how I do it. I just bill the client.
you are very lucky to have this client..........! :oops:

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