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By Ernesto
I have one licence and 5 nodes.
I have also 5 machines, so I could render 5 images simultaneously.
The problem is that the current licence policy is forcing me to overload the network unnecesary, and run innecesary risks of network rendering crashes.

I will explain it more in detail:
The best way to render 5 images in 5 machines is doing it independently in each of them.
In this way, there would not be need of a network manager sending to and back lots of files, overloading the network
Additionaly if one machine crashes the others will not be affected.
Finnally the rendering time gets increased considerabilily using the netwok.

So I wonder why I am forced to use the Network Rendering even if it is not only unnecsary but contraproducent in this specific case?

It would be better if I could be allowed to work in an independent way UP to 5 instances of Maxwell Render since that would work as 5 Render Nodes, as in the previous version.

Hope you could change this unnecesary (from my point of view) limitation.
Remember that we are talking of a software that is extremely slow compared to other softwares.


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