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By GMcDowellJr
I'm also trying to come up with a workflow from Revit that takes advantage of this invisible emitter trick. I think I've got a methodology...

Export the model sans-glazing from Revit to MXS. Export just the glazing to DWG and import into SketchUp (I found I had to use millimeters as my units when importing to match the scale of the MXS export from Revit). Apply AGS glass to all glazing objects in SketchUp. Here's the long bit... since Revit exports glazing as a 6-sided solid and AGS is designed for single-sided poly you can go into each glazing component and drill down to the face level (this requires an edit component and an edit group) - paint the emitter material to the interior face and, here's the trick, make that single face a new group. Do this to all your glazing and export an MXS that you can import into Studio and merge with your original MXS from Revit (I found I had to rotate the model twice in order for things to align in Studio; once to align with however different true north is from project north in Revit, and once 90-degrees clockwise). You'll need to make the emitter material and objects invisible in Studio per the instructions in the article to complete the workflow.

Oddly, after doing all this I don't seem to get a cleaner rendering... I get a different look for sure (more blue in the render with the emitters) but it's not cleaner in the same amount of time... if anything it's got more noise! What could I be doing wrong?

(I'd post images but I'm not sure how... I know I have to link it externally... can I use my Dropbox account for that?)
By GMcDowellJr
Bubbaloo wrote:Delete the glass
... that means no reflections correct?

I think I figured out what was going on with the noise... It's coming from the sunlight entering the space. Its impractical to use the solution in the article (placing an illuminated plane on the floor/object where the sun shine through) since I'll need likely need a variety of sun angles.

Best I've been able to come up with is to open the MXI in Photoshop and surface blur the sun illumination channel slightly. Less than ideal but workable.
By deep__dive
i have spend a lot of time with the same problem and a few weeks ago i have found here in the forum some very good tips. don't delet the ags glas.

first creat a artificial sun: ... ficial+sun

second use emitterplanes outside of the room in the near of the windows angled down slightly.

thirdly use evenly emitters, put to all emitters the same power like to the sun, and reduce them, if necessary, down with multilight. don't forget that the power of the light also depent of the surface from the emitterplane, so it's good to use lux/m2. ... 97&t=40684

this was for mi a big step and very useful, i hope it helps you too.

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