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By Ernesto

I would like to report a weird behabiour of the Monitor.
I set a network with 3 machines: One as manager, and the 3 machines as render nodes.
I opened the Monitor in the same machine, that runs the manager, because it was the fastest machine.
The next day I saw that there was not so much rendering jobs done, so I explored the images folder, and found that I had more ready images than reported by the monitor. So, I decided to open a second instance of the monitor in another machine, and this time, it showed the REAL status. This is the second time it happened to me.

Then I decided to close the stucked monitor (since I had a second monitor opened in a second machine) but as soon as I did, all the network crashed. There was a message saying that the dependencies couldn´t be restored.

Unfortunately I have lost all the renderings that were in progress (almost finished but not saved)
I wish the progresive saving would work in the Network system, so that at least I could get an image that could be completed, without the need to start all over again...

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