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By Ernesto

I have been experimenting with a sea water, and found a rather acceptable one, although it was a displacement material.
The problem I have now is that I need to show a great extension of a sea, and at the same time good detail at closeup.
The mesh density needed to get such a detail, is so heavy that my machine crashes. I am using a wideangle lens.
Any tip to solve this?
Perhaps another material without displacement?
Thanks in advance

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By choo-chee
I think the only solution is to use bump map for far away cameras - and displacement when you need details in close-up cameras.
We did some nature shots with tons of rocks etc. the same way.
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By Fernando Tella
You could modify the displacement map so it fades to black at the borders, so you can make a clean transition to bump map. Then you map the near faces with displacement and far faces with bump. I guess you'll need a big map for displacement.
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By Ernesto
Thanks Choo-chee, and Fernando
I see the point.

Let me point that In my case I have a detailed close up, and a view to the horizon, in the same camera.
I am using a wide angle lens showing the ship, and the horizon at the same time.

I wonder if I should create two separated objects, or a single plane with variable subdivitions, so that
1) a very dense mesh arround the camera,
2) and low poly mesh to complete the sea, up to the horizon

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By Fernando Tella
Thinking about it again I would just make one object with variable subdivisions as you explain and one material with displacement "on the fly" with enough subdivisions just for the nearer mesh. Farther mesh will displace also but with less resolution.
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