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By Half Life
I'm not worried about v3 knocking it out of the park -- and my expectations are pretty low. But this isn't a problem for me because I see this "major" update more as laying a foundation that will be continually built on for the next several years...

Remember we got awesome new features like FIRE, Grass and Python Scripting (among many others) in "minor" (free) updates since v2 was released.

By itsallgoode9
almost here. I'm getting antsy to hear about these new features!

Tuesday 23rd
11.00 a.m. - RealFlow 101 - An overview (RealFlow Product Manager Gustavo Sanchez)
11.30 a.m. - Maxwell Render - What's coming in Version 3
(Head of Maxwell Render Technologies Juan Cañada)
2.30 p.m. - RealFlow 101 - An overview (RealFlow Product Manager Gustavo Sanchez)
3.00 p.m. - RealFlow 2013 (Brandon Young, Gnomon School & Blur Studios)
3.30 p.m. - Maxwell Render in Production (Jeff Ranasinghe, Method Studios)
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By Rafal SLEK
macray wrote:
who else is excited about this and what do you expect from the new version?

I'm hoping for some nice pre-order discount and nice new features to get me drawn into v3. :D
Me. :-) I could even pre-order version 3 without seeing New Feature list :-)
By patrikpanda
#369494 ... 2/#maxwell

The next release of the product will support new volumetics, alembic, deep compositing and will see Maxwell integrated much more closely with Next Limit’s RealFlow with direct Maxwell previewing built into RealFlow. “There will be between 25 and 30 new features from volumetrics to deep compositing, it is a major release, the biggest release in our history,” explains Cañada.
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