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By kami
choo-chee wrote:I think those NL guys with their "must be 100% physically correct" approach don't get it, that we are willing to use it even if it's not 100% finished .... ;)
I would not agree to that. I'd rather have a working product a few days later than a buggy one now!
By JDHill
zdeno wrote:when You have deadline. It is ALWAYS time to finish X2 +1 day
The real problem is that every time you get halfway closer to a goal, you still have half the distance left to cover. So it's kind of inexplicable how anything has ever happened at all.
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By Rafal SLEK
This topic is very very long now, so ~10 pages before... :
Jenny Fermor wrote:Hi Guys

I'd like to interject here because I see a lot of speculation about V3 pricing. First of all we apologise for the incorrect/incomplete information that has been posted by one of our resellers, they will now remove this list from their site.

For V3 we are introducing both a node-locked and floating license option, the former being a more economical version of the Maxwell Suite product for freelancers/users on just one machine, and it comes minus the networking tools. The latter is our standard Maxwell Render Suite floating license (as it is now for V2) but for V3 it will come with 10 rendernodes included.

For existing customers (of V1 or V2) you can upgrade to either the node-locked or floating version for 345€ and 425€ respectively, and the floating version comes with the 10 rendernodes included for free.

These 10 rendernodes with the V3 floating licenses are issued independently and irrespectively of any current V2 node licenses you own - they come for free, as standard with the package. This means that IF you want more than 10 nodes, you can then also upgrade any V2 nodes that you have as well (in packs of 5) for 295€.

This is the official pricing, I hope it clarifies the situation.

Many thanks

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