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By dvsone1440
I have a 20 node network that I have been using successfully for some time but recently it has been failing a lot with either sending or receiving files. Typical message is as follows
"There are error messages in the log starting at[14July2013 062245] EN1203 has failed while sending receiving dependencies. Trying to recover.. You can find more info using the search tools in the log window" "It is not possible to restore dependencies after this failure"
Nothing has changed about the network, but now I get this problem much more often than when I first set it up. At first I thought it was "troublesome" computers so I would remove them from the network... but which machine is having the issue seems to be more random than I first thought.
Any thoughts are appreciated.
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By Mihai
Do you notice any unusual network traffic, from any other apps? Anything else using the network for transfers at the same time? Did you update your firewall? Maybe it's thinking it's an attack and doesn't allow the traffic anymore?
By dvsone1440
No, nothing unusual that I can think of with the network. I actually have the firewall turned off in the profile I use for rendering on the machines.
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By Ernesto
I have experienced the same thing, (except that I have 5 nodes only) and the network was used for the Maxwell process only.


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