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By deep__dive
i'm wondering...

this is the last test with a curtain material from eric, and i think it will be clear. it ist sl 10


so and then i put the same light situation to the original render, and there it is the noise problem:


its to become desperate...
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By Tora_2097
Well, you can further try to narrow it down (if there is a flaw and not just the nature of the scene) if you try and apply the same material to everything using a override material (excluding or hiding the curtains of course) and see what happens.
What is your Benchmark and what is your hardware?

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By eric nixon
I just ran some tests, and it seems that even with the hide to gi + ref tag, the curtains are still affecting the render in a weird way... so at this point I would render the curtains seperately and comp them in afterwards.. (use the material and scene i sent you as a starting point)

I think its wise to mention that thin-sss has some issues re colour inversions, and isnt working well with emitters.
By deep__dive
the emitter are 1000 watts, but the same problem exist. benchmark ist about 72. hardware intel core i7 920 2.67ghz 2.79ghz 6 giga ram.
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By eric nixon
Your wall material has totally weird ultra high bump.. looks very weird in the preview image. why not use no bump with roughness@99 with 240 colour.

Also just noticed that the walls appear to have coincident geometry, big speed up when that was corrected.
By deep__dive
after a few test i have found that the rectangle lamps could are a problem. but i don't know waht could be the problem its really not a dificult lamp, theres no glas, and the problem exist also with a diffuse material instead of a shiny metal.

this render, sl10, could be good enough in sl18


the 3d data from cad is really horrible, i have refreshed the 3d strukture, an chaged the wall material.
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By Mihai
It doesn't necessarily have to be that emitter, but a combination of emitter + sun light which will make the slowest render in interior. Use Multilight to see which light (including physical sky and sun) gives you the most noise. Are you still using Physical Sky here, or Skydome? Try it with some planes at the windows as per the tutorial, still keeping the physical sky just to compare. Then check with Multilight by turning on/off, if you don't have the least amount of noise just with the emitters, without Sky/Sun or Skydome. It should be the case.
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By eric nixon
emitter plane LEFT vs. skydome RIGHT, same time, different bench, different SL, sorry colour / exposure is not quite matching. material is lambert.


Emitter does resolve quicker, and the shading is softer, generally preferable look IMO, but obviously a less automatic process.
By deep__dive
hey guys!! i've got it!!


thanks a lot for your advise! i was really helpfull. now i have hope, i will keep working with maxwell! ;-)

now i will improove the materials.
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