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So as the subject says, I have the Maxwell Manager set up on a machine I can remote into, as well as nodes set up on that machine and various other machines. Recently, when I use my Network Monitor to pull a preview, the machine that has the manager on it throws up an error about something going wrong and to check the log. Since the Manager has crashed at this point, the log doesn't tell me anything helpful. At the same time, some or all of the Nodes that were being used for the job may or may not also crash.

(Side note, can we please have a service for the nodes? It's really aggravating how often I have to manually restart nodes that have crashed, and when I try to "Reset" a node, it closes but never restarts, necessitating a manual restart. With nodes on PCs scattered throughout the building, this is aggravating, and even WITH remote desktop it's still unnecessarily time consuming.)

Any ideas as to why things are so unstable?

Try to see if it's not a RAM issue. When you request a preview, all the MXI files are sent to the Manager, which then calls mximerge.exe, it merges the MXI files, and then sends the preview to the Monitor. The merging stage can take up a lot of RAM, especially high rez Multilight enabled renders (especially if you have color ML enabled) so check if it's not running out of RAM at that point.
as Mihai said ram is a likely cause, here are a few other things i can think of

- enough HDD space on the manager comp temp drive?

- set the log to debug/deep debug and see when it crashes (eg. before or after mximerge.exe starts)

- if it crashes, don't restart straight away and check the temp folder if actually all mxi have been transfered properly;
could be that for some reason one of the nodes gets stuck sending the mxi
Let's talk about Maxwell 5.2

Good news, thank you Jochen

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