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By hatts
We have several works that are in various hues of painted chrome. In figuring out our rendering pipeline, we've determined that it's best to render out one pass of pure chrome, and then colorize in PS/AE.

However, this workflow doesn't accommodate floor shadows that well. Colorized chrome objects bleed significant color onto the floor. We've been using two strategies: flatly colorize our shadow pass, or leave the shadow completely gray.

Flatly overlaying a color over the shadow is pretty bad. It's not a realistic result; if this is the correct method, then perhaps we are using the wrong type of blending mode? The problem is that the color bleed has no saturation falloff.

Gray shadows work of course, but they aren't as impressive as a floor which catches the color bleed of the sculpture.

Does someone have a good recommendation for incorporating the color bleed into the post-processing of floor shadows?
Below is an image which incorporates correct shadow coloration as I see it.

By bograt
Is it not possible to render a colored chrome material and then adjust the hue in photoshop? It becomes unrealistic if you start changing other characteristics but changing the hue alone should work in your case (assuming the surroundings are colourless)
By hatts
bograt wrote:Is it not possible to render a colored chrome material and then adjust the hue in photoshop?
Yeah that's one conclusion I came to, but even this depends on the tolerance of choosing the "From:" hue, and it's not a true isolation of the floor color bleed.

But it'll probably be the solution we use if I can't devise anything better...

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