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This just started happening after a clean install of Maxwell. I am running a legit full
educational license with Rhino 5 and have always been able to output any size image. Now, all of my
final written images are being capped in the 2000px x 1200px ish range, even when i have
the output resolution in Rhino set to 5000 x 2000 ish. What is going on? I cannot find
answers to this anywhere....Please help, I have a final due in 2 weeks!
Come to find out.....yes, it is. When I purchased the educational version, that was NOT something
that was readily made available to me, so I am a bit miffed about that fact that as a student, with NO
money, that I tried to do the right thing and pay as much as I could for a service, when I could have
just hacked the program to begin with. Now I am $200 out on a licence that doesnt do much good
for larger architectural renderings....lesson learned, switch to V-Ray for students, no restrictions!
Maxwell needs to get on the band wagon!
Not taking issue with your opinions, but I feel it needs to be said that the resolution restriction (i.e. "Maximum image resolution Full HD (1920x1080)") is stated clearly and prominently, as no less than the second bullet-point on the main page for the Learning Edition. Just in case someone should read your post and be led to believe that this information is somehow being hidden.
Fair enough....I did make the purchase last year before the website was updated. I just dont recall that
being something that stood out. Regardless of my mis-step, could Next Limit please consider catering
to students who really need to be rendering large images? Consider the competition....V-Ray, 3D Studio, Artlantis,
not to mention that students everywhere hack this stuff left and right, so why not pre-empt that and give a good
deal that is fully functional without the risk of the hack?
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