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By Asmithey
New strange thing happening. I have a material and when I turn on the bump map the material is mirror reflective. When I turn the bump off it is not reflective. It is a stucco material so it should not be highly reflective. I have never had this issue before.

Although, the material preview looks correct with the bump on.

Very strange.
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By tom
Some images maybe? Or you can send me the material itself...
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By eric nixon
sounds like bump frequency is very high which means even a small bump value will cause 'bump clipping' (shiny polygonal surface)
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By Asmithey

I will post some images. I have used this same material many times. It is only doing it on this project. I am about 99.9998% it is user error. So I will send you the material for analysis as well.

I have never heard of bump clipping. I will try a different bump map to see if that makes a difference too.

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By Asmithey
Well, it must have been the bump clipping. After looking more closely. I realized when I uv unwrapped my walls I forgot to scale the uv's and the map was very tiny. After I scale it correctly to a normal size, it rendered fine,


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