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By numerobis
Mihai wrote:you can use roughness 97-98, lower than 95 might start looking not diffuse enough.
i noticed this too recently... i had used r95-96 for the diffuse layer for a long time, but changed to 98 now.
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By Mihai
Some materials look still too bright (in the refl 0), and the metals too "metallic" if that makes sense...a bit too bright and reflective I mean. If you are using white textures, like the tiles, take care to use the RGB clamp to clamp the white areas to about 225 so the white in the textures aren't 255.

Btw, regarding emitters, the way Multilight works has changed, you no longer have to merge your emitter geometry to get one ML slider. You can simply apply the same emitter material to all the separate emitters and they will act as one emitter slider. Doing it this way, take care not to multiply the emitter strength like you needed to to before when merging several emitter geometry into one.
By desclarke
Thanks again guys. I've done another one with the clamping set to 225 (maybe I need more) and reduced the "metally" (again maybe more). I suppose the main issue with this model is I have to work on the materials more. I'll read up on setting up better Mxed's and apply those before I annoy you all with lighting questions.
I'll continue to add more detail in the model as well...


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