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By rosshummel

Can anyone help me with the layers I would need to setup to create an antiqued patterned mirror - something like can be seen here: ... e-sub1.jpg

I have a pattern I want to lay over the mirror but want it to look rough (antiqued) and not take a ridiculous amount of rendering time. Do I just set up two layers in the for the material - one for a full-on mirror and the other for the pattern? Not sure how to setup the weight of each.

Any help appreciated!
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By Mihai
Simplest/fastest would probably be to add the black and white pattern map as a roughness texture.
For more flexibility you can also use two BSDFs in one Layer or two Layers with one BSDF in each and use the pattern texture as a Layer weight in the top Layer.

More details:
Blending BSDFs: ... ding+BSDFs
Roughness parameter: ... Properties
Layered materials: ... ing+Layers
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