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I just ran into this weird issue:

The Setup - a sphere an a plane with glass material applied;
Environment - IBL (just a simple backplate);

1. 'Screen mapping' DISABLED (all OK):

2. 'Screen mapping' ENABLED (not OK):

Am I doing something wrong or this is some kind of issue?

Thanks for the info, Tom.
The point was that the client came with a hires backplate and wanted things to be composed to it.
So, there where some see-through windows and that effect has appeared...
Now, I guess I'll just throw a plane with a backplate applied to it, or render alpha and do the composting in PS.
After all, the task was to 'make it look cool' :mrgreen:
Also thanks for the tip regarding competition - that will be a great exercise :D
Hi m-Que,

In order to achieve what you are looking for, my suggestion is to create a hidden planar object, filling the whole frame, and texture in camera projection mode (you will have to set it in your 3D platform).
Once textured in camera projection with the background image, simply hide that object to camera while keeping it visible to reflections/refractions (secondary rays).

This way, it wont' be directly visible by the camera, but it will be visible through the transparent objects, while keeping the camera projection as you want.

In addition to that, you will be able to adjust the brightness of that texture map (in the Reflectance 0 slot of that material), for a custom match of the brightness of that refractions.

Let me know if this is helpful.


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