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By stefan_kaplan
I don't know where else to post this issue, so here it goes.

There is an important link missing on the webpage:
Go to -> Try -> Maxwell for SketchUp FREE Version (the formula 1 car)
Then a message window opens with the title "Maxwell for SketchUp FREE Version Download".
On the right side of this message window there is text titled "About Silverlight versions".
Next to the fourth bullet point it says "Open safari (not Firefox, Chrome, etc) and install Silverlight 4 by clicking on this link".

But there is NO LINK TO CLICK.
I'm on OSX Safari just like my 24 students that couldn't make Maxwell run in class today because of the missing link.
A download link for Silverlight v4 is extraordinarily difficult to find on the web by searching with google etc.
I could only find the right link through the Maxwell for SketchUp forum.

Please provide the link on the webpage.


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