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By Rafal SLEK
Probably it is simply question but got for now only little experience with Maxwell and I am curious - what does mean "Benchmark number" close to "Render progress bar"?
I know from manual that higher number means faster rendering but what is your experience? How to avoid some stupid mistakes here... 8)

By rusteberg
benchmark by definition is comparison between results.

render the same parti model from your example in a middle grey 128 (default diffuse clay material) and your benchmark will increase dramatically (presumably).

with a benchmark of 400+ you have little if nothing to worry about....... if you changed a material in the same scene and rendered it again and the benchmark went below 10 then you would have something to worry about......

hope this helps
By itsallgoode9
so based on what you said, does that mean it's sort of a number that shows the efficiency of your shot you're rendering? how exactly would you use this number beneficially compared to just looking at the "estimated render time" number to get an idea of how long it'll take to render?
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By Rafal SLEK
This help a lot! :-) Thanks for answers.
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By Rafal SLEK
...and after every Reached SL Benchmark number also change 8)
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By Mihai
It can change a lot in the beginning of the render and then "stabilizes" (more info about rays available to the engine, so it can make a better estimation). My tip is not to get too obsessed with the benchmark number because it doesn't always mean a noisy render (ofcourse if its 1-5, then you should worry :P ). You could have a high BM but still have areas that won't be clean until around SL 19, if it's an interior render with mostly indirect light for example, or a lower BM and a render that clears very fast, say around SL 13.

I mostly use it to see if between renders the benchmark has changed a lot, letting me know that I did something which makes the render a lot less efficient - for example setting a too high subdivision value for on-the-fly displacement method, or some new emitters I put in the scene are making a lot of noise (this you can also check by using Multilight and switching on/off each emitter at a time to see which ones are producing excessive noise).

Nice looking render btw :)
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By Rafal SLEK
Mihai wrote: My tip is not to get too obsessed with the benchmark number ...
Too late! :lol: Ok, try not to look too much there. Many thanks for all info - it is much more clearer for me what is happening.
One more question - is it computer (hardware) dependant? The faster computer then Benchmark is higher or it shows only how complicate is rendered scene?

Mihai wrote: Nice looking render btw :)
:-) thanks - ... 79#p366079

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