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By Jay325
Hi all REALLY stupid question/problem. I've not used maxwell in a long time so I opened it up today to get my feet wet again and had the following problem.

I put together an entire scene, lights objects etc and went file/save as/ and named the file to save to desktop. Problem is when I open that file back up it opens up the render window? That window that shows your model rendering rather than the working viewport where I can move, scale, assign materials etc.

Can someone please tell me what stupid thing I am doing wrong here? When I save as the only option is to save as mxi so I'm assuming that is correct? Also I'm using maxwell studio.

Thanks for any help
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By Half Life
Open Maxwell Studio first, then use the File>Open command to locate and load the MXS file -- simply double clicking the MXS launches it inside the Core Rendering App instead.

By numerobis
or 'right click' > 'open with' and select studio as your preferred app to open mxs ;)
By Jay325
Perfect thank you both. For some reason the "open with" was set to the rendering node.

Thanks so much now to produce something perdy.

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