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By federico_sa

Look at the picture.

I have a problem with the direction of this IES light.
If I rotate maps or the emitter face the IES direction doesn't change and is always 90° from steps line.

Any suggestion?
By bograt
What is the IES applied to?
Which maps are you referring to??
FYI you should apply the ies to a sphere and simply rotate the sphere to move the light.
By federico_sa
Sphere or face is the same.
This is the scene

By rotating the sphere the emitter direction doesn't change. Rotating texture mapping doesn't change... what else?

(I used archicad to model the scene)

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By dariolanza
Hello Federico,

It was just a pivot issue.

When I've opened your scene, I noticed that your emitter sphere has not its pivots point in its center, but is someplace else in the scene, causing that you couldn't get the orientation you where after.
I simply centered the pivot (by hitting the "Center" option in the sphere object panel) and once with the pivot in the center of the object I was able to rotate it and get the desired orientation of the IES bulb.
See test render below.
In addition to that, I strongly recommend you to use an smaller sphere object for IES (ideally a point light).

Let me know if this solves your query.

Dario Lanza
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By dariolanza
The test render
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By federico_sa
It works. Thank you!
The only matter is that I have 20 steps so I was looking to a way to do it in Archicad.

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