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By jfrancis
It has produced the errors:
- The following list shows all the major new features that have been released since Maxwell Render version 2.0. Please select your top 5. is empty

Actually this is incorrect. The survey is being rejected for no reason.
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By m-Que
Yep, and there's more like:

How easy to use are the Maxwell Render node licenses and network tools?

even if you don't have any Nodes...
By numerobis
"It has produced the errors:
- If you don't have node licenses, is that because: is empty"

even if "Do you own Maxwell Render node licenses?" is answered with "Yes"

edit: and i did't receive a voucher... :roll:
By Jenny Fermor

Thanks for the heads up, these issues with the survey have now been sorted.

For anyone who didnt receive a voucher please write to me directly at using the email address that you submitted at the end of the survey, and I will sort that out straight away.

Many thanks everyone, much appreciated
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By choo-chee
will check it (I've posted about it in another forum here...)
I think it's an auto-check feature, that if you type in "faster" or "more speed" it produces "an error" ;)
By numerobis
"It has produced the errors:
- If you don't have node licenses, is that because: is empty"
This error is still there... but this time i received my voucher. :)
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By choo-chee
nope. still the same error... I guess it's that "speed" thingy.
By Jenny Fermor
Hi again

We've looked over the survey and revised it again and it does now seem to be working correctly. Could we kindly ask that all those who received an error message try and submit again?

All the best

By numerobis
You can only submit the survey once from your current browser/network address.
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By m-Que
Well, I did submit the survey, but did not receive a voucher nor reply for my direct e-mail on address listed above...

Ahh, got my voucher code this morning.

Thank you!
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By choo-chee
I was just wandering... who's gonna read all 1000's of forms ....?
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By juan
Hi all,

Promo codes should be working now, sorry for the inconveniences.

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