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I cannot seem to achieve good realistic leaves and plants.
I use good models but the sample included in maxwell's library turns out too dark and doesn't look good.
I tried to use the "textured" wizard option but I don't know the correct factors of leaves and flowers so it appears like plastic.
Any one has good news for me ?! thanx !!!
yeah those are nice, however, they use SSS and I don't want "heavy" calculations as most of the trees I use are not that close to the camera. Is there a better / faster way to have good leaves without SSS ?
ThinSSS renders nearly as fast as no SSS -- and shadows cast by leaves will be much more realistic due to allowing some light to pass through, which will be visible even from a distance.

Otherwise, there's not much to say about making a solid "leaf" material other than maybe good clip mapping and a normal map -- which are really texturing issues.

You spent a lot of time on that leaf but it doesnt bloody work! I want my ten dollars back :lol: and a reward for the info that it dont work. But if you set it too non-additive and change the a few settings it works fine. So maybe dont sell it, cuz it dont work < obviously :P

Altered working version;
Brian, actually I dont have a copy here to look at . I just rememeber it didnt work (gave noise / looked wrong) I think it used an additive layer which isnt helpful for transparent things... If you render a simball we can compare it directly.

P.s. I'm working on the racing cars again, its looking good :)
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