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By egmehl
In this scenario:
  1. Start render for first time using time limit 100 minutes, SL 1000 (for this example to make sure it always reaches time limit first)
  2. Stop render at 90 minute mark, then later resume it giving time limit 100 minutes, via command line.
The total time rendered will be 190 minutes, correct? I think that's how it's behaving for me.

Is there a way to set the total time for that mxi file to be 100 minutes total, rather than 100 minutes for each render submission?

I'm using deadline for my queue manager, so everything is going via command line parameters in case that matters.

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By Mihai
I guess the MXI stores how much time it has rendered during one resume, but currently I don't think there is any way to use that in order to set a new time limit for the following resume...

EDIT: Don't know if it's possible to tie a Python script to Qube, but you do have the getRenderTimeInSeconds method of the Cmaxwellmxi class: ... einseconds

There is no equivalent for the command line though.
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By egmehl
One more question for you Mihai,
Can you describe, or point me to a link, how to get pymaxwell running on Linux? I looked around in the install folder but didn't see any python files.

Edit: ignore the above, I had an old install on that server and upgrading gave me the python files.

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