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By Ernesto
I have seen this: ... ht#p347579

And I wonder, if a SSS Material would work as phisically correct, to simulate a volume of smoke or fog?

I loved a sample by Zdeno ( ... 88#p344136), that was made with a white plane, being moved from the ceiling to the floor, giving the effect of volumetric light. Anyway this will not be usefull for my case, since I have to create that athmosphere inside a container that is not a cube, for instance a botle.

Here Zdeno did it in a Tupperware ... 88#p346135

By zdeno
great now You stalking me ... ;) ? (just kidding ... thx for nice words)

It should be very easy in 2.x maxwell to mimic fog with motion blur because it is better now than was in 1.7 times.
then it was only "linear" between frames ... now You can twiggle giggle meshes or emitters in any dirrection as I heard.

Just try yourself . Tom would be greatful if he see You trying anything without asking before ;)

go go go !
By bograt
I would be interested to see how that soution will pan out now.. I tried physically correct scattering in maxwell but it seemed to be a bit of a lost cause at this moment in time.
Random control seemed to have a nice solution but not so sure after their update images
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(I don't mean to hate but I have been very confused with their movemets)
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By stefan_kaplan
I guess the real question is: Will we ever get the Fog Options parameter back?
It was there in 2005, 8 years ago (!!!), in the good old beta days.
Why are we still struggling to simulate this extremely important feature? :roll:
I guess this one is for the wish-list... V3 maybe? :D


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By Mihai
Do you mean as an atmospheric effect, or really as thick volumetric fog in a render? Because it's not that often architects want to hide their buildings with fog....

If it's an atmospheric effect, you can achieve that pretty easily using the z-depth channel and composite it over your render, using Screen blending mode I think, and lowering its opacity.
By dmeyer
Mihai wrote:Do you mean as an atmospheric effect, or really as thick volumetric fog in a render? Because it's not that often architects want to hide their buildings with fog....
It's a good thing that not all your users are not architects, otherwise there'd be no reason to add this feature. :D
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By stefan_kaplan
Mihai, I don't know that much about the technical therms - whether it's an atmospheric effect or volumetric fog that I'm looking for. :oops:
What I want to achieve is the effect of light being reflected off particles in the air, like in THE photo from Grand Central Station.


I'm aware that it's probably quite difficult to sculpt clouds and that's not what I'm looking for. I'm talking about a global setting with the same density all through the scene (I thought that was what we got with the Fog Option in the old beta release?)
I want to do it without 'thinking out of the box' by using smokey SSS or wierd planes moving through the stage with long exposures and motion blur (like the beautifuly quiet, dusty atmosphere in the classroom render by Zdeno, which was made with such a moving plane - extremely well done, by the way!).

As an architect I would use this effect in both interiors and exteriors; exterior examples posted below.
It's obviously not a question of hiding anything away :? but merely a wish for a physicaly correct and completely natural effect that would make the images we create, and the stories we try to tell with them, even more interesting, beautiful, mysterious (and realistic).

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