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By Mihai
Yes it's a known issue, but it's fixed for the next patch which will be out shortly. In the mean time you could try changing the nr of blades and there should be a few numbers where the blades are distributed randomly again.....hopefully.
By Andrzej Majewski

I have similar problem (but now it's almost year later; I'm using Maxwell 2.7.2 x64 and Cinema4d R14 with Maxwell plugin 2.7.22). I also have strange repetition on grass - I noticed that it depends on number of polygons in "grass-source" geometry: if it's just a simple plane (1 poly only) - everything is ok, but any higher polygons number cause problems - this weird pattern. Do you know any solution?


Thank You in advance
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By Mihai
Can you please do a pack and go of just that plane with grass, and any textures needed for rendering? Upload the MXS and other files from the pack and go somewhere, send me the link. Email is in the email button below my post.

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