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Hi guys,

Updated version 2.7. Since then the rendering will not progress after a certain time.
It will just show "waiting" under "Next SL" and "Update". But "Time Passed" does go on. The "waiting" message will just hang there for hours and nothing will appear. I tried 2 different scenes, one hangs there after 3 hours (Sl 12) rendering and the other an hour (SL8). Anyone experience this? or there are actually a setting to solve this?

Im using Windows XP 64 bit, Lightwave 11.0.1.

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By Tan Boon Meng
Thank you Mihnea for a fast reply.

Hope to get a solution really soon. (Think i might fall back to 2.6 to be safe, worry it will happen on my final render)

Just another update, using the same second scene again to test and now it reaches SL10 without hanging but i suspect it will at a later time.

Hi Mihnea.

When it was preprocessing before the actual render begins.

The scene was just a few alphabets image map (jpeg) onto a sub-patched object. Displacement was set under "pretessellated". I know it uses quite amount of ram on the start but it crashed at 10GB under the Windows Task Manager indication. My computer has 25 GM Ram so i presumed is more than enough. Anyway i never face this problem before even on a more complex image.

oh to be precise.

Yes, all rendering crashed under Mawell rendering panel.

And only twice crashed the Lightwave when i tried to update to see the small preview
under the maxwell texturing panel from Lightwave Surface Editor. I think i might have clicked to see the preview while the actual maxwell rendering panel is pre-processing.
I used to do this but never encounter crashes.
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