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By stiras
Hi long time since I posted on this one. Bin jumping back and forth projects.

Seems all the artifacts are gone now. Only grain we have left is the ones that gets removed over time.

What we basically did, was following Jason's advice's.

- Put a shell modifier on the box so the light wasn't "innside" the mesh but inside a box if that makes sense.
- No materials with additive layers (we still use coat on the first layer)
- No emitters on the Box material.
- Re scaled the scene using the scale option inside Maxwell render settings
- Turned off all special effects like dispersion, motionblur, ect.
- Turned all values that wasn't gonna do any affect down to 0. Like no point having bump up to 67 if you don't have a map inn it.
- Added more subdivisions to the sphere emitter inside the box. (gave a smoother look)
- Added more subdivisions to the HDRI dome/sphere around the scene
- Re scaled lights around the scene.

Issues still having:

- Large render files (because we render A LOT of light passes. we want to control all the box lights)
- Long render (assume that just how Maxwell is when you have a lot of lights, sss, and shiny materials in your scene)

But that's stuff we can live with :D
A big thanks to you Jason! bin a great help!

I'm now finishing of the last animations. Then its time to send it to the little farm we have here and just let it hammer out.


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