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A lot of folks have most likely come across this issue.
I use Autodesk Alias to build geometry and use Maxwell Studio to render.
When I import a simple cylinder in Maxwell Studio and choose the 'cylindrical' type mapping option, the result is perfect after minor adjustments. But when the cable geometry is laid out in a natural, relaxed non 'directional' way, then a close up shot is not possible because it reveals the flaws of the texture UV directions. The best way I was able to fake it was by using the 'cubic' type.
Does anybody have a suggestion, a way to get around this? A plug-in is not available for Alias. :(

Thanks for any help I can get.
By johanbirger
Hi I'll see if I can help. It implies using 3ds max, if you have access to that. If anyone else knows better I'd like to know as well.

When I export to obj from proe (or wildfire/creo elements) mapping is set to planar or xyz coordinate system. This means the nice uv-coordinates along the surface of for example a wriggling cable is lost. I assume the alias export is doing the same to the uv on your model.

My way around it is to either export the specific surfaces that need that along-the-surface mapping as iges into 3ds max. There when I convert them to meshes, the uvs are there as they should after conversion. From there you can go to studio.

The other way I have is to make a spline 3d line in 3dsmax and check renderable and choose diameter as neccessary. Then that object in turn can be coverted to a mesh and exported, with good uvs.

It seems strange however that Alias can't export good uvs as obj is the good old Alias own format for triangles/meshes...

Also I guess any polygon modelling software could produce that cable with uvs...

Hope this helped


Product designer
Thanks Johan,
I will try to export from Rhino since there is no setting to choose from alias when exporting as obj.

Thanks for you help.
By feynman
Old thread, but the issue persists. I contacted my Alias support. Since version 9, Alias OBJ format is exported without surface texture coordinates. So, if you need to map a surface directly (not projecting planar, cubic, spherical, cylindric, etc.) your best option is to save the Alias surface(s) in .IGS format, open them in Rhino, assingn a surface texture, and export the OBJ from there. Odd, but true.

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