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By itsallgoode9
I have a model of a spotlight, which I made in Maya, exported as an mxs and brought into Maxwell. It consists of two separate pieces, one for the "shroud", or "Can" or whatever the shade is called. It's made of a simple cylinder with both end caps deleted. and a light, which is a cylinder disc, which is inside the shroud. I group these two together, and whenever I move or rotate, I only use the group and not a one of the singular pieces. If I have been moving and rotating that group alot, then I try to clone it, to make a 2nd spotlight...that's when the problem happens. The clone will always have the relation between the shroud and the light screwed up... the light disc will have rotated about 15 degrees difference from the shroud. Also, instead of the normals of the disc pointing where they should, they are always angled off to one side of the disc. I don't know if that made sense in text at all, but I'll post an image if it will help

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