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By locos77
I downloaded a water material from the maxwell website for a pool. But the pool looks very dark, I can't see the sun penetrating water material?

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By Bubbaloo
First, you might want to use the wizard in the mat editor for your water material. Otherwise, I don't know what the material settings are. Also, Maxwell needs a lot of rendering power to clear up pool caustics from the sun.

S.L. 33
By locos77
Thanks for the help Bub. Should i use a single plane or an actual solid for the material application?
Fernando Tella wrote:SL.33! Just out of curiosity: how much time? :P
Or... how many i7 cpus ...
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By choo-chee
I have an idea : like NASA uses people PC's to analize data from the stars to find ET (I think it's called SETTY or something), we should start a similar project that will use PC's when idle to calculate MXS scenes ... so all of us can have S.L. 33 !
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By Bubbaloo
frosty_ramen wrote:Bubba
any hints as to material setup in addition to using the wizard?
Seriously, it is very simple. Wizard water applied to the RealWave plane, and default97 material for the box and the ground under the water.

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