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By Eric Lagman
Does anyone know what the units are in the density setting for the sss wizard. I cant find anything in the manual or in the forum that speaks to this. For example if I look up density of silicone on google I get all kinds of numbers. How do I know which one to use if there is no units next to the box. Am I missing something. Thanks in advance for any help.
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By tom
The "Density" parameter of wizard has no specific units and it's relative to others. Previous wizard has offered a fully scientific approach and we've had complaints so, we decided to make something more practical. Here, Density value is controlling the cloudiness.
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By Eric Lagman
Ok I see now the density value goes into the coef slot in the actual material. I thought maybe it was a technical number that I could pull off the web or from solidworks to get me there faster without guessing and experimenting too much. Sounds like I will have to experiment which is ok.

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