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try this:
set roughnes value as you wish.
refresh preview. if nothing changes:
go to preview->options in mxed.
when the window appears, just click ok (should benough)
refresh preview.
should refresh correctly now.

edit: oh, sorry... i misunderstood... i thought, you are having problems in 1.7
yes Tom, I could, but all I do is create a standard AGS with all default values, and add 15% roughness to it.
this seems not to have a visual effect, like it did with 1.7.
I did not bother to load the 1.7 versions, since Mihai told me to rebuild especially the glass materials from scratch.

but hey, I think I just found what went wrong: When I create a new material with the AGS wizard, the opacity mask is set to 12.5 % by default. I compared it to an imported frosted glass material, and there it was set to 100 %. so I changed it and bingo!


True. Frosted glass gets it's unique look from the way the refracted light is scattered by the roughness on the surface (entry and exit). AGS is just a reflective component. If your frosted glass is used in an interior window (no sunlight), try the real frosted glass.
The same thing for me worked fine as you suggested with the AGS! Funny my first test with V2 incorporated this.

ND 20, weight (reflection) 80, roughness 65

Though I was trying to actually use semi translucent glass so I have two planes, roughened behind and clear reflective in front.

Actually works much better in V2 than 1.7.1

tom wrote:Curious to see the material setup you call "AGS"...
sorry I have no time to search for a place to upload a zipfile, so I'll give a quick description:

1. create new material
2. in wizards, select AGS
3. amount of reflection 100
4. type normal
5. color white 255 x 3
6. set roughness to 20


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