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By knurrebusk
Trolling is creative, I lost the force he he.

But still remember this weird Japanese troll on a live chat, just bringing a very naive girl to tears.
She gave it all for him, and got Godzilla back is all I remember.

I´m not that a fan of these dooings if out of hand, but more like a slap in the back of my head to not take life to serious.

I´m still fighting Mental Ray with it´s "ghost shader", it´s brilliant at times, but so limited for ies work when you never are sure.

Got one test running for 6 hours, 80% of it is so promising, the rest just black dirt since I needed to save/restart max, then remove MR as the render, then remove camera, then aggr!

But Mental Ray is catching up, and the ies stuff is not fast enough to warrant the inconsistant renders from inside max/maxwell.

I do not speak bad, but perhaps correct a bad child he he, the ies stuff is not up there for some time.
But so is not even iray, if i´m to understand, still i´ll buy some new g300´s just to support them.

So I´ll end up with Maxwell Render 2 as an reference, and Iray as the tool to do the hard work.

If there just was a common place to upload huge files, I´m sure we all could share.
In the beginning there will be mistrust, but soon joy :)

Someone very talented has to share before the train is pumping, but I know there is patents/details a sometimes naive
person like me overlook.

But sometimes time will help, so I can upload real images of my work without worry.

The render has ended bad, I´ll start over again tomorrow with the shit called Ghost, no wonder they called it that!
Huge Victory for Maxwell, but time works for Iray.
By knurrebusk
In all trades with a respect for itself there is a standard, Maxwell Render is just that.

Iray will be a new great tool, but so will Maxwell if I´m not to believe lazyness is close to the Maxwell croud!

I´m not in anyway strange for useing a standard, for me Maxwell is just that, not more or less.

Is it close to beeing useful for exterior renders with high demands, yes!.
Ies is not there yet, and I wait for someone to prove me wrong with 70 ercho lights in a demanding receach interior.

I´m just happy to be wrong, but feel even the best of you will fail.
By knurrebusk

There is alternatives, not like Revit that make me stagnate.
I want Inventor to challenge like Rhino, know all of these gems (sketchup) is also one of them.

I fear the borg is on again, I started with LW as a render/modeler, and will end up with Autodesk on my old years.
It´s just sad/nice at the same time, part of development.

I can do work on a versatile scale nobody has done for hundreds of years, civil/art/3d-carpenting/architecture/engineering/leed, lots of
stuff to still manage, but I´ll look forward to the challenges these areas has!

I´m born to climb mountain´s, life is great the dow has passed 10000 with a bit of power.

I´ll sit back and enjoy all you smart people enjoy a happy life, you deserve it.
Finish 6 months more, and we enjoy development again I hope.

Leo Leo!!
By Josephus Holt
Richard wrote: I was once a brilliant mind and now I wear slippers!
that is tooooooooo funny :lol: :lol:
By knurrebusk
He´s just humble in a nice way, I´m not :)

But life is a balance of weird people like me, and the rest ;)

Sometime I feel like it´s a fight, then I love you all for the hard work you do.
But in the end it´s down to talent, and I got it in abundance.

Like the guy behind Revit, he was just better then anyone else, been a sad part of me for years.
I do not care about money, but do care for development.

If you can do the numbers life is very simple, and just relax.
By knurrebusk
Almost scary the slipper analogy, I´m daily reminded for joining the lesser people for a while.
I see an architect in every bright child, even old men.

Spendt years between the point of who is smart!
I´ll cook for the rest of my life with my best resipies, wanna do speed archictecture?

I feel I can do endless stuff, but not my stuff.
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By ivox3
In a matter of a few posts, ..he's got me 3 weeks behind in workload. lol..

I also fear he's not finished.. My mind breaks like hard rain in gutter for sad reasons. Now who's wearing the slippers ?

By knurrebusk
I´ll would rather send you the scene in 3ds max format, but I can´t since it´s not up to me :(

I´ll recreate a similar senario, and post images of the challenges in these type of interior nightmare.
I love it though, make you feel humble for the human eye :)
By Josephus Holt
hey knurrebusk....we want to see your work....we all love to see great stuff....that's why we love Maxwell.
By knurrebusk
I need help!

My main motivation for trolling, so I´ll post old stuff rerendered in Mental.

But!, do not yab me for weird railings/stupid stuff related to lack of time/old Revit ver etc.

I´ll post old ver of my wild time, rerendered in Max 2010, but keep in mind it was all done within a year.
I´m not trolling this, can post real ver/finished villas from the 3 finished ones (need to ask the owners though), robbery is a problem in Norway too!

Not as naive anymore :)

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